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Art Glass

We have been honored to work with many art glass designers across the country and several right here in Durango in addition to our own studio.  We can also provide door and window frames open-for-glass (where we determine the dimensions and glass is built to suit), or even design a unit to feature existing glass (where you provide your glass dimensions and we design the product around them.)

Our "Go-To" person for Leaded Glass, Stained Glass, etched glass, and deep-carved glass is Terri Bonham.  The links below will guide you through samples of our work.


TB3-1.jpg (90241 bytes) Glass Art by Terri Bonham


A12-1.JPG (265229 bytes)Doug Christie


Home    Doors    Mantles     Garage Doors    Stairs    Signs    Hardware    Woodcarving     Other Work    General Information    About Us    Contact Us