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Custom Entryways   

LogoBreezeDoors4.JPG (33067 bytes)Learn more about the Breeze and the Light Breeze Patent Pending

  Click on these videos to learn about operation and maintenance of the Breeze.

Transformation from Entry Door Mode to Screen Door Mode

Transformation from Screen Door Mode to Entry Door Mode

Screen Maintenance

Screen Tension Catch Adjustment


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daaflogosmall.gif (6494 bytes)    After several years of development, the Breeze prototypes were introduced to the public at the 2010 Durango Autumn Arts Festival.  To our surprise, the Breeze captured Second Place in the People's Choice Award.  To be so honored among a field of over 60 nationally recognized artists is a rare accomplishment for a doormaker.

LinearSequence15.jpg (35797 bytes)

As a custom door designer for over 35 years, we have often been asked by our clients to produce an attractive screen or screen/storm combination door for their entryway.  Initially, such a request was made with great reluctance since the new door must necessarily cover their beautiful entry door.  We overcame this issue by creating screen doors that were every bit as beautiful as the entry door itself.   We have also been asked to produce operable sidelites or transoms with screens to allow for much needed ventilation.  These are accomplished at significant expense, mostly due to increased prehanging charges and additional hardware.

The development of the retractable screen has gone a long way toward providing ventilation with minimum visual impact, but it is not completely hidden with its screen housing and track clearly visible at all times.

Screen Door Failures

Our goal with the Breeze was to create a stunningly beautiful, hand crafted door with a variety of features or accessories that allow the client to personalize its appearance for their individual tastes.  It takes only 10 seconds to convert this entry door into a screen door, with all moveable parts firmly secured.  From the exterior of the home, there is nothing visible to a visitor that would indicate that the door is anything other than a simply beautiful door.  A valance and some modest hardware are the only indicators on the interior side that this door has something special to offer.

The Breeze door is always closed, whether it is in Entry Door Mode or Screen Door Mode.

The Breeze is handmade from solid wood.  There are no veneers or "engineered" components.  Unlike most doors made today, it features stout, solid stiles and rails which are perfect for remodeling projects where the door needs to be cut down and retrofit into existing door jambs.

While the Breeze is comparable in cost to a custom, solid wood door from another manufacturer, it offers so much more.  There is an incredible savings in that there is no need to pay for a second screen door with a second finish application, a second set of hardware, or a second door installation.   With the availability of a screen on the entry door, air conditioning will be needed less often, and your energy bill will be lower.

While our patent application covers the use of retractable screens from a variety of manufacturers, the Breeze utilizes the Stowaway manufactured by Stoett Industries of Defiance, Ohio.  The screen is made in the USA.  The door is made in the USA.  The glass is made in the USA.


No longer will you have to maneuver your way through two doors, swinging in opposite directions, by propping one door against your hip or knee while opening the second door (then giving that screen door an extra little kick to keep it open while you pass through the entry!)   Try all that with one hand on a bag of groceries, a briefcase, or a small child!

All the beauty of a custom, hand-crafted entry door.  All the function of both an entry door and a screen door.   All the convenience of just one incredible door.  It's a Breeze!


The Light Breeze utilizes all of the technology found in the Breeze, but with a smaller screen suitable for doors that feature a high lock rail associated with Craftsman, Mission, or Arts-and-Crafts styled doors.

LB-PP-S1-DM1-IP-EX-P1.jpg (100732 bytes)

Videos of the Light BreezeAs viewed from the exterior    As viewed from the interior


What our customers have to say about the Breeze

What our customers have to say about the manufactuirer, Christie's Wood and Glass


Entry Door Mode / Screen Door Mode

Because the Breeze changes its configuration, it has a unique appearance on both the interior and exterior when it is in Entry Door Mode or Screen Door Mode.  The following photo sequences enable you to see the the typical appearance from these different vantage points.

Each door shown below has four views.

#1 is the exterior view of the door with the screen hidden.  (Entry Door mode.)

#2 is the exterior view with the panel and screen lowered.  (Screen Door mode.)

#3 is the interior view with the panel up and the screen hidden.  (Entry Door mode.)

#4 is the interior view with the panel and screen lowered into place.  (Screen Door mode.)


B-FP-S3-CM-EX-P1.JPG (107801 bytes)#1    B-FP-S3-CM-EX-P2.JPG (95847 bytes)#2    B-FP-S3-CM-IN-P1.JPG (108448 bytes)#3    B-FP-S3-CM-IN-P2.JPG (107394 bytes)#4

Shown:  Breeze - Spanish cedar - Flat Panel - S3 Glass - Dentil Mantle - Colonial Maple Stain


LB-RP-S1-IP-EX-P1.JPG (115964 bytes)#1    LB-RP-S1-IP-EX-P2.JPG (132823 bytes)#2    LB-RP-S1-IP-IN-P1.JPG (105825 bytes)#3    LB-RP-S1-IP-IN-P2.JPG (101784 bytes)#4

Shown:  Light Breeze - Spanish cedar - S1 Glass - Dentil Mantle - Ipswich Pine Stain


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Custom Entryways