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General Information

Considerable thought has gone into the design of these entryways, the result of many years of experience in door making and door installation. While artwork and mouldings may vary in thickness to provide texture and relief, the stiles and rails are dimensioned to standard thicknesses for ease in conventional installations.  1 3/8", 1 3/4", 2 1/4", and 3" thick are standard for us.  Any thickness is possible.

The structural joints are blind mortise-and-tenon, two inches deep. The adhesive is a waterproof epoxy developed for the aerospace industry and is capable of withstanding extreme temperature variations while maintaining a bond flexible enough to allow the subtle expansion and contraction of the wood. If we are to perform the finish application, we will size and edge bevel the door to your specifications.


Many colors seen in these doors are the result of natural finishes on exotic hardwoods such as Padauk, Purpleheart, Goncalo alves, and Canarywood. Other colors are derived from aniline dyes or oil-based, transparent stains or washes that are handmixed in our shop. This allows variable shading and highlighting that would be otherwise unobtainable. Varnish topcoats or renewable oil finishes can then be applied. We can ship the products unfinished, if you wish. This could be helpful in allowing your finisher to color match other work in your home.


Prehanging is available for all entryways and normally includes the jamb, threshold, kerfed weather strip, drip cap/sweep, and hinges. Casings, brick molding, and decorative hardware are also available as options. After fitting in the shop, the units are broken down for finish application.  After the finish process, the unit is re-assembled as much as possible in preparation for shipping or delivery.


Shipping is normally accomplished by our trailer in the Four Corners area or by common carrier or air cargo to further destinations. All shipping is insured and prepaid.   If enough cargo is ready to ship on a given route, we will likely deliver on our trailer to provide better service to our clients.


Ordering a Custom Entryway:
In many cases, we are called upon to make special modifications to our stock doors or to create entirely unique designs. We welcome this challenge and feel that our knowledge and experience will yield a product of higher quality and durability.

Perhaps the client knows exactly what he wants, and can provide sketches or blueprints showing all the details. A price may be all that is required from us. On the other end of the spectrum, the client may only know the design theme, mood to be generated, or materials with which we must coordinate.  A dialog develops regarding the design in which the client participates as much as he desires. The final concept must be approved before construction begins.

Fundamentally, we need the following information to provide a quote:

  • Your Name

  • Method of delivery for the quote (phone number, e-mail address, mailing address, or FAX number)

  • Your desired wood species

  • Dimensions (width x height x depth of the jamb unit, if prehung, or width x height x thickness of the door, if slab only)

  • ID number of the entryway that interests you

While other information is necessary for the actual construction of your entryway, this will get us in the ballpark.

Handing of Hardware:
We have found a variety of different definitions for handing across the country. We have chosen to use the guidelines prepared by Baldwin Hardware, shown at the bottom of this page. We require an approved handing diagram for all prehangs.


Terms and Procedures:

We are happy to provide a Quote for your specific project.  Our Quotes are prepared from a "live" computer program that accounts for all of our material and labor costs in manufacturing your project.  Your Quote will include a line-item breakdown of charges as well as a projected completion date and crating / shipping charges.  You will know the "bottom line" before you order.

We require a 50% deposit to secure the project on our schedule.  This amount is on the Quote.  You can simply mail in a check noting the Quote Number to place your order.  Christie's Wood and Glass now accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover for your convenience.  If you choose to use one of these cards, simply phone in your order.  The deposit covers design and consultation charges in addition to securing most material and hardware purchases.  A Confirmation and Order Invoice will be prepared at that time, delineating the specifics of the sale.  Due to the custom nature of our work, we will provide an expected completion date for your order, however, we are not obligated to any deadline. There are simply too many aspects of our work that are outside of our control.

25% may be due when materials arrive. You will be notified by e-mail, phone, or fax at that time. This interim payment is occasionally required when there are significant costs early in the project or when the project is lengthy.  It's intent is to maintain cash flow and keep us from going "upside down" regarding the financing of your project.  Again, you can simply send in a check at that time.  Alternatively, you can phone in to utilize a credit card.  We will never charge your card for ANY reason without your express approval.

It is important to point out that we are a woodworking company.  We manufacture unfinished woodwork projects.  We do not perform finish applications.  As a courtesy for our clients, we are happy to send your completed project to a local finishing company.  Unfortunately, we have no control over their activities, including their lead times.  Our work is complete when the woodwork is complete.  The balance is due upon completion of the woodwork. This is the Final Invoice date and/or the Statement Date.  This amount covers the balance of labor and materials on your project. It pretty much represents our paychecks for the work we have just performed. No one likes to have their paycheck delayed!  You will be notified by e-mail, phone, or fax at that time. Photos of your completed project will accompany e-mails.  The balance is due immediately, even if you have made arrangements for a later pick up time or subsequent delivery.  Again, a check can simply be mailed in or you can phone in to pay the balance by credit card.

After you are notified of woodwork completion:

     If your project is unfinished and to be shipped, it will be crated and ready to ship as soon as your final payment arrives.

     If your project is unfinished and for Customer Pickup, we are good-to-go as soon as final payment arrives.

     If your project is to be pre-finsihed, it will be stripped down to its wooden components, detail-sanded, and delivered to the finishers.  Finish turnaround time is usually one to two weeks, however this            time is ultimately dependent on the finisher's current lead time.  When finish is complete, the project components will be retrieved, reassembled, and photographed.  Finished photographs will be            e-mailed to you.

     If the prefinshed project is for Customer Pickup, we are good-to-go if final payment has arrived.

     If the prefinished project is to be shipped, it will be crated and shipped if the final payment has arrived.

Nothing will leave our shop until final payment is received. There are no exceptions. If the purchase is on a construction draw account, we strongly recommend placing your draw in advance of interim and final payment dates so that there will be no delays in processing your order. We all want the order completed as quickly as possible. Delays in paying the deposit will yield a later schedule date. Delays in the interim payment will yield production delays. Delays in final payment will yield a finance charge and interest payments on the outstanding balance.

Thirty days after the Final Invoice Date, a finance charge of $84.00 will be added to any outstanding balance.   Interest (at 18% per annum) will apply and accrue from the Final Invoice Date.

If the project is completed in advance of your need, we will be happy to store it here at no charge as long as final payment has been made. Storage charges may be applied to goods left beyond the completion date if final payment has not been made. Storage charges will vary based on the space required for the project.

Christie’s Wood and Glass is not a subcontractor. We do not work on the job site. We do not itemize labor toward an individual client. We are a manufacturer and retailer of stock and custom architectural appointments. You are not required to issue a 1099 to us. We are not required to provide Workman’s Comp or liability information on your project.

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Handing of Doors (also referred to as Swing Direction):

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