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We sell door, cabinet, and specialty hardware from many different manufacturers in various price ranges.  Custom designed hardware is also available.  If hardware is purchased through us for a project we are building, there is no installation charge.  The resultant savings is usually greater than would be obtained by purchasing discount hardware elsewhere, and it ensures that the hardware will be technically sound and appropriate for your project.  If hardware is purchased for projects in which we are not involved, quantity-based discounts will be applied.  (For example:  We are building only the entryway, but you are purchasing hardware for all of the other doors in your home.)  We are quite willing to install hardware provided by the client.   In this case, installation charges will apply and will be proportional to the difficulty of the installation.

The chart below compares the most popular hardware lines we represent.  Most of these companies offer extensive coordinating hardware such as towel bars, light switch plates, coat hooks, etc.   There are so many products that we cannot possibly show them all here.  Links will lead you to the manufacturer's web site where you can see their complete lines.   The higher quality (more expensive) hardware lines can take several weeks for delivery, so it is wise to make your hardware decisions relatively early in the process.

img00119.jpeg (69664 bytes)  Forging Ahead, Inc.

Baldwin2.jpg (528135 bytes)    Baldwin Hardware

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rollover-anchor.jpg (10218 bytes)    Southwest Forge

ILIVienna.jpg (307072 bytes)     Iron Lock Imports

Trapper Peak Signature Series.jpg (15020 bytes)         Trapper Peak Forge


Comparative Quality or Price Origin Manufacturer Link to Manufacturer's web site Comments
High Durango, CO  USA Forging Ahead www.forgingaheadinc.com Custom designed, hand-forged, choice of materials and finish.
High Hailey, ID  USA Rocky Mountain Hardware www.rockymountainhardware.com Hand-forged bronze.  Large design selection.  Six finishes.
High Camden, NJ  USA Von Morris www.vonmorris.com Forged brass.  Highest quality mechanisms.  Twenty-nine finishes plus custom.
Med / High Reading, PA  USA Baldwin Hardware www.baldwinhardware.com Forged brass and bronze.  Highest quality mechanisms.   Twenty-two finishes.
Med Austria Iron Lock Imports www.ironlockimports.com Wrought iron levers and accessories.  Old world designs.
Med / High Summerland, BC  Canada Southwest Forge www.southwestforge.com Hand-forged steel.  Eleven finishes.
Low / Med China Emtek Products www.emtek.com Cast brass, sandcast bronze, lost wax cast bronze.   Sixteen finishes.
Med / High Stevensville, MT  USA Trapper Peak Forge www.trapperpeakforge.com Forged rustic and western hardware.  Nine finishes.

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